Lots of S-100 card docs avail/wanted

From: Dave Dunfield <dave04a_at_dunfield.com>
Date: Wed Jan 12 08:23:29 2005

>> >> ** Two of the S-100 homebuilts are actually complete TRS-80's
>> >> implemented on S-100 cards - they run the TRS-80 ROMs unmodified
>> >> (with disk system) and load/run TRS-80 software!
>> >

>Are these Z80 TRS-80 systems, or the 68000 systems? There actually were some
>S-100 like systems (same connector, different board form factor) of the
>model 16/6000 series. They were used in large (for the time) dialup systems.
>I think they had 2+meg of ram and 2 or 3 four port serial cards. I have
>never seen these, only heard about them. Some were even modified to run
>68010 CPUs. There are instructions out there somewhere for this mod, but
>no-one seems to have them readily available. They "lore" is that these
>instructions were saved in the swap area of one of the install boot
>diskettes. I was able to find and extract the games that were hidden there,
>but never these instructions.

Yes, they are Z80 TRS-80 systems - the guy basically replicated a TRS-80
in homebuilt S-100 cards. I should have pictures up within the next week
or two.

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