Modern-ish HP 7908 disk drive?

From: Arno Kletzander <>
Date: Wed Jan 12 08:49:52 2005

Hello everybody!

You might remember my question about transport-locking HP-IB Harddisks last
year; Al Kossow kindly added the installation manual to his Bitsavers site.

Today I had a go at the drives; two of them (the 7912 and the standalone
7908) were absolutely no problem to do using the information he provided.

The rackmount 7908 however was not - it looked very different inside; a
completely different technology, it must be a later revision. No die-cast
HDA taking up the whole width of the housing, merely a modernish smoked PMMA
(?) hood covering several 8" (if so large) platters in the front-left corner
of the assembly. No accessible spindle drive or actuator to be seen and no
obvious way to lock everything in place.

Can anybody please shed some light on how to prepare this unit? We don't
want to risk transporting it as it is because the head assembly already
moved when I only pulled the drive out of the rack.


Arno Kletzander
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