Only 6 Domain names ?!?

From: John Allain <>
Date: Wed Jan 12 10:26:25 2005

Something's been bothering me since I read it.
In the newspaper's el-cheapo weekend supplement*
it stated that:
   Registered Internet Domain names, 2005: 63 million,
      which is believable, but then said
   Registered Internet Domain names, 1985: 6.

This doesn't seem right. 200 I'd believe, but not 6.
20 companies and 60 Universities I'd believe, not 6.

I first saw the Internet in use in 1985, at Calma's research lab.
Many people there used it all the time. It seemed that they could
get a lot of content. Again I'd say 6 is B*S*.

Anybody know when it really was 6 and for extra credit what
those original domain names were?

John A.
* USA Weekend, 31-Dec-2004, p.7
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