How the Mac was born... supposedly...

From: Brad Parker <>
Date: Wed Jan 12 11:24:30 2005

"John Allain" wrote:
>> perturbed, he wrote an email to steve jobs to inform him
>Interesting story, but I find it hard to believe that emailing outside
>of academic and military circles was done much at all back in 1985.

I think you are mistaken. Certainly the milnet/arpanet email was flying
and outside that uucp mail (harvard!gcc-milo!brad :-) was gatewayed all
over the place.

I'm sure you could check the uucp maps - a quick google search shows
apple.UUCP existed in 84.

I was using uucp email in 84 and I could swear there was stuff coming in
and out of apple. I don't we sent anything confidential back and forth
but I'm pretty sure I got personal stuff from people at apple.

I was sure sending regular email to a girlfriend at at&t in '83 :-)

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