How the Mac was born... supposedly...

From: John Allain <>
Date: Wed Jan 12 14:09:53 2005

> You obviously weren't around then, were you?

Too square, it seems. [8]
My emailing was all inside the company 1980-1987.
It was fun enough to keep me off Compuserve which
seemed like the popluar way to internet at that time,
provided it gatewayed to outside services, which I
suspect it did, smaller BBS'es probably didn't.

> The tough part was finding shell accounts you could get.
> The Well was one of the first. I know that's what I had

What we're trying to find out, on two threads now, is how life
was before registered domain names. It would be nice to
see what a full email header looked like before 1985.

I was in Well territory in 1988. Had too much fun in the
real world to do virtual on my personal time.
The Foothill/Wierd/Halted thing was too damn great.

John A.
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