How the Mac was born... supposedly...

From: Brad Parker <>
Date: Wed Jan 12 14:57:52 2005

"John Allain" wrote:
>What we're trying to find out, on two threads now, is how life
>was before registered domain names. It would be nice to
>see what a full email header looked like before 1985.

it depended on where you were.

I have MIT host tables from way way back which certainly allow rfc802 (1981)
style email addressing, i.e. style address.

Us poor folk in UUCP land had to use "bang style" address. From most
places on the internet you could reach me as "harvard!gcc-milo!brad".

At one point there where hybrid bang/at addresses. Yuck.

Here's one from a guy I worked with at the time, in '86:

ucdavis!lll-crg!seismo!harvard!gcc-milo! (Zigurd R. Mednieks)

blech. still, I miss 'ihnp4' and will always wonder where Indian Hills is.


ps: Zigard, if you read this, email me! :-)
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