Need Altos Tape Interface Program (TIP)

From: Tom Jennings <>
Date: Wed Jan 12 15:17:37 2005

On Tue, 11 Jan 2005, Barry Watzman wrote:

> Subject: Need Altos Tape Interface Program (TIP)
> I have several versions, circa 1982-1985, of Alloy's "TIP" tape program.
> However, there is nothing about them that is Altos specific, they had a
> "general purpose" S-100 interface board. I believe that they are all 8-bit
> CP/M-80 programs. Contact me if you want to discuss further.

Around 1980 I wrote a rather large backup program, in 8080
assembly (MAC), for the CP/M and 100 Allow tape board with a DEI
DC300/DC450XL drive. It did savesets, directories, searches, date
matching ad nauseum.

AND I have all the sources for it, if you want it. The company I
worked for, CSSN, is loooong gone, and I don't think they sold a
single copy!

The tape format is embarrassing, but there's low level drivers at
least, and it will do simple saves. Command line but mainly a
command processor of it's own wit hit's own scripting language.

If anyone wants it I'll suck it out of the cp/m machine and
email it to you.

It has some amusing features, one of which is a special-purpose
disassembler/relocator; the IO port used for the Alloy card is a
parameter, but the 8080 IN and OUT instructions aren't
parameterized; it disasembles itself and patches all the IO
instructions. Ugh.
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