Soldering injury tales

From: John Lawson <>
Date: Wed Jan 12 16:38:44 2005

>From age 15 to 17, I worked after-school at a car stereo company, which,
back then (1968+) meant 8-track mostly, some 4T, and a few 'exotic'
cassette players.

   One late spring afternoon, after having been 'out' most of the night,
full day of school, warm late afternoon. music playing - John fell asleep
in the middle of replacing a fried transistor and nodded off - actually I
nodded *onto* my soldering iron and was awakend by the smell and the
sizzle of a neat, surf-board shaped patch of skin being branded into my

   So I got to spend the next three weeks going to classes and explaining
the tribal markings I'd given myself.

   Of course, over the years, I've grabbed my share of the stupid end of
hot irons, including dropping one while I was working on the power supply
of my [ob:classiccmp] PDP11/34.



PS: I was *not*, however, using Nassau solder. I was saving *that* for
eBay... ;}
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