"Cold heat" soldering?

From: Philip Pemberton <philpem_at_dsl.pipex.com>
Date: Wed Jan 12 18:25:31 2005

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> For anything approximating real work, you simply need a temp.
> regulated soldering station. There's inexpensive ones. The tip
> doesn't get hotter-and-hotter, it regulates reasonably well.

I'm not sure if it would come under the same classification as a Pace or a
Weller, but I've got an Antex 660TC (the one with the temperature-set wheel,
not the one with the display - that's the 690SD).

> You want 50 watts or more. DOn't forget, there's temperature and
> there's heat ... nothing more annoying than a 750 degree tip that
> gets cold when you touch the work.

I think mine's a 50W. <quickly checks>. Yep. 24V, 50W with temperature

> It is difficult to do even half-assed quality work with those
> crap-ass wood-burner things with the screw-in heating elements.
> The tips suck, always pitted, temperatire all over the place.
> Jameco sells a tolerable station for under US$50 new.

Amen to that. I tried to repair a Jupiter Ace with an Antex XS (25W, no
temperature control). They're OK for tinning wires and such, but hopeless for
any form of PCB-level repair.

> Having a shitty tool says you don't care. You don't need a lot of
> expensive tools, good dykes, needle-nose, soldering station, good
> solder, greenie screwdriver, etc and you can get one at a time
> even if you're relatively poor.

I picked up the 660TC when Maplin decided that ?130 was "a little too
excessive" and dropped the price to ?60. I only ever use the XS for tinning
wire or quick connector-resoldering sessions. If it's on any longer than 30
minutes or so, it hits about 400C. If the bit isn't secure, it'll go right
up to 490 and blow the element. Thankfully the 660TC doesn't do that, and the
iron (and cable) are much lighter and thus easier to grip.

Next item to buy: a proper fume extractor or similar.

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