Hitachi 4Drive CD enclosure and controller

From: Kelly Leavitt <>
Date: Wed Jan 12 20:35:42 2005

I have available for the picking, an external cabinet with 4 Hitachi
interface CD-ROM drives (TCDR-4000). I also have the TCD-IF8P interface card
(from Todd engineering), the install and driver disks and connecting cable.
THESE ARE NOT SCSI DRIVES. It also comes with a bunch of the cadies for the
CD's. Copyright and dates codes are from 1992 so this is on topic.

According to what I can find, none of this is supported in any of the
current PC environment, and it doesn't run on any of the classic stuff I
collect. Well, I guess I could get it running in one of the DOS machines I
use for emulating and testing, but I have no real desire to do so.

If anyone has any need for this unit, please let me know off list. It is
VERY HEAVY (about 20+ pounds). Whoever wants it would have to pay for
shipping from New Jersey, or come pick it up. That's all I'm asking for, but
if you have any old Tandy/TRS-80 stuff (not the PC stuff, the older units),
please let me know.

 If you're just gonna gut it, please don't ask. I can do that myself and
install a bunch of SCSI drives if I so desired.

All of this is "AS IS", but I would hate to trash it if anyone has a need
for it.

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