Only 6 Domain names ?!?

From: John Foust <>
Date: Wed Jan 12 21:31:49 2005

At 10:53 AM 1/12/2005, you wrote:
>There was an earlier form of DNS which existed in 1985; RFCs 882 and
>883, which 1034 and 1035 replace, are dated 1983.

In as much as I'd love to see my alma-dropout-mater credited,
I'd love to see a better history of DNS's development. These Internet
timelines are endlessly copied and repeated without attribution
or citations. Useless!

Most of them say that DNS was first developed at UW-Madison (or
I should say "the University of Wisconsin", which is sort of
like the way people say someone's from the "East Coast" when
they really mean "New York City".)

Paul Mockapetris' name is on RFC 882. His bio doesn't say Madison:

Here's an interview:

But I think the timelines must be referring to some previous DNS-like
incarnation, perhaps a spin-off of some other project. I have vague
memories of gasping in awe at 1+ meg net-wide 'hosts' files circa 1983
on VAXes running Unix at UW-Madison.

The citations in those RFCs mention "The Design of the CSNET Name
Server", with one of the authors being UW-Madison's Larry Landweber:

but even this bio doesn't claim a stake in DNS, at least directly.

- John
(Just old enough to have had business cards with bang notation
for my email address.)
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