ANSWER (dumping)

From: Jay West <>
Date: Wed Jan 12 23:11:47 2005

Answer to "why did I get dumped" "what did I do wrong" "what gives" etc.

short answer:
No one was actually unsubscribed. Ignore it.

long answer:
I'm spending a lot of time to get the new classiccmp server up. Actually, I
put the new mirrored drives into a different machine... and I'm moving all
services to that machine one at a time (theres more than just the list to
move). Once I get everything moved and working, I will then just moved the
mirrored drives and controller to the new (old) system. So while I was
moving the subscriber lists I was subbing and unsubsubbing "en-masse", but
not to the current list server (huey), but to the new (hidden) list server
(dewey) that is not in production yet and not running the list. I
specifically put a command line option on the unsub en-masse command that
was supposed to prevent sub/unsub notices from going out (-a n -w n).
Obviously there is a bug and it sends out the messages anyways. But if you
look at the unsub message headers carefully, you'll see that they are from
dewey, not huey, so no one was actually affected (the list is still on huey
for now).

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