Lots of S-100 card docs avail/wanted

From: Kelly Leavitt <kelly_at_catcorner.org>
Date: Wed Jan 12 09:59:39 2005

From: Joe R.
Subject: RE: Lots of S-100 card docs avail/wanted
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> I think I may have one of these. Years ago I picked up a large metal
> chassis that I was told was a TRS-6000 and IIRC it did have TRS cards
> in it but it was NOT in the usual plastic chassis (I have one of them
> too). I pulled it apart and looked at it and as best I can remember it
> has 3 Mb of RAM, a 68000 CPU and a Z-80 CPU and a LOT of serial ports.
> I also got a huge stack of TRS-6000 disks and docs with it. I thought
> perhaps it was a TRS-6000 that someone had taken apart and mounted
> in a metal chassis but your message makes me wonder. It's been
> years since I looked at the thing and I don't remember what
> form-factor cards are in it.
> Joe

  If you're ever interested in unloading this, and/or the disks let
me know.

If you ever get a chance, I'd love to see some pictures of this beast!

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