"Cold heat" soldering?

From: Joe R. <rigdonj_at_cfl.rr.com>
Date: Thu Jan 13 08:55:03 2005

 My "favorite" part is at the beginning when the idiot can't solder his
item because the power cord is too short. I guess it never occurred to them
that a soldering iron is a PORTABLE device and can be moved! They should
call these things "idiot-mercails". Idiots wrote them, idiots play the part
of real people and only an idiot would believe them!


At 11:12 PM 1/12/05 -0600, you wrote:
>My favorite part of the TV ad is where people are gushing about how they
>won't get burned by this soldering iron. You know, if you can't use a
>freakin' soldering iron without burning your eye out or something, you
>shouldn't be using it at all. I have soldered millions of joints and
>can count the number of times I've burned myself on one hand. (Of
>course, it's the hand I didn't burn off with my trusty "normal"
>soldering iron...)
>Vintage Computer Festival wrote:
>>The commercials on TV that I was seeing a few weeks ago seemed to think
>>that ordinary people like housewives and weekend fix it up schlubs would
>>somehow find a use for a soldering iron. They showed the hands of a lady
>>soldering some piece of kitchen ware and some doofus doing some very light
>>repair (broken battery wire or something equally lame) on some gadget.
>>And I'm like, yeah right. Who fixes anything these days (I'm being
>>rhetorical, Tony) and what of anything that's made today is conducive to
>>being repaired in the home with a soldering iron?
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