"Cold heat" soldering?

From: Kevin Handy <kth_at_srv.net>
Date: Thu Jan 13 10:07:32 2005

Tony Duell wrote:

>>The commercials on TV that I was seeing a few weeks ago seemed to think
>>that ordinary people like housewives and weekend fix it up schlubs would
>>somehow find a use for a soldering iron. They showed the hands of a lady
>>soldering some piece of kitchen ware and some doofus doing some very light
>Eeek... I'd not want to trust soft soldering (which is what this must be)
>for something like that....
>>repair (broken battery wire or something equally lame) on some gadget.
>>And I'm like, yeah right. Who fixes anything these days (I'm being
>>rhetorical, Tony) and what of anything that's made today is conducive to
>>being repaired in the home with a soldering iron?
>That depends on the home, and the soldering iron :-)
I haven't seen any commercial like this. It must be a UK thing.

Several years back I received an ad for an antenna to improve your
TV reception. It had several intresting bits that I remember. I should
probably add a lot of extra exclimation points to the end to make
it more like the original, but I don't want to make myself too sick...

It's a MARKETING breakthrough!

It doesn't require you to pay fees for cable access because
it doesn't connect to the cable system!

It doesn't require you to pay fees for satellite access because
it doesn't connect to the satellite system!

It got its signal from the air!

It attaches directly to your TV!

It only costs <insert insane price here>!

<insert picture of a set of rabbit ears with a large round UFO
looking ornament stuck to the base>
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