What is this RK05 style pack?

From: Jay Jaeger <cube1_at_charter.net>
Date: Thu Jan 13 19:41:11 2005

With no sector ring, it could not be hard sectored. That means either soft
sectored or intended to store analog data.

The 2315 pack is indeed what the RK series was set up for. It is also what
the IBM 1130 used. I had no idea that any 360 systems had used them. From
what I read at http://www.thegalleryofoldiron.com/2044.HTM the /44 was an
odd beast (as was the /20).

Jay Jaeger

At 09:45 AM 1/5/2005 -0500, Paul Koning wrote:
> >>>>> "Ashley" == Ashley Carder <wacarder_at_usit.net> writes:
> Ashley> A couple months ago I acquired a new, still in the plastic
> Ashley> wrap, still in the box, never opened disk pack that at first
> Ashley> glance appeared to be an RK05. I finally decided to look
> Ashley> further at it to see if it was a 12 sector or 16 sector RK05
> Ashley> pack, since it had no identifying label or markings.
> Ashley> Upon further inspection, I found that it did not have the
> Ashley> usual rim on the hub, where normally you would be able to
> Ashley> count the thin notches to determine whether it was a 16
> Ashley> sector or 12 sector RK05. Instead, it has a short, rounded,
> Ashley> unnotched rim where normally it would have the tall thin rim
> Ashley> with notches. Otherwise it looks just like an RK05. The
> Ashley> case is interchangeable. I actually took it apart so I could
> Ashley> use the case on another RK05 pack that had a decent platter
> Ashley> but a bad outer case.
> Ashley> What is this thing? RK03?
>I have no idea, but here's a far out thought... some IBM 360
>mainframes (the 360 model 44 for example) have an RK05 style drive in
>them. Reading the 360 model 44 functional description (on
>bitsavers.org) suggests that probably isn't right -- that disk (Model
>2315) is described as having 16 fixed size sectors. Hm, that would
>mean an RK08 pack would fit???
>Strange to have hard sectoring here, given that IBM 360 mass storage
>normally used variable-size records on a track.
> paul

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