How the Mac was born... supposedly...

From: Brad Parker <>
Date: Fri Jan 14 07:16:41 2005

Tom Jennings wrote:
>religious aspects to argue it. My experience was, all of the
>smallish end sites, and tiny, small and medium ISPs, developers,
>etc all ran unix or KA9Q on DOS. San Francisco and Silicon Valley,
>1992 - 1996. Never ran across a linux during that time, and I used

Remember 'the little garden'? That was my inspiration. Paul Vixie was
behind it I think. As I recall it was in La Honda, not far from where I
went to summer camp as a kid. If I've got it wrong please correct me.

As I recall (dimly) 'the little garden' was the first home grown ISP I
ran into. Something like a T1 and 10 modems in a closet; They ran their
own DNS, mail & dialin. I think they had actually end-to-end
connactivity for most users, however (i.e. it wasn't just shell
accounts, it was real routing to the home).

The was before I had set foot in MAE-east and the concept was mind

(at the time I had a 56k and 2 ISDN lines into my condo and the phone
guys thought I was some kind of nut :-) this was '92-93 I think)

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