Any one remember...?

From: Al Hartman <>
Date: Fri Jan 14 11:48:25 2005

From: (Eric Dittman)

> > I'd be interested to hear about your experiences
> > this board. Do you like it?

> All I've done is play around a bit. With the column
of keys
> inoperative I can't do much until I fix it.

> Too bad you lost the literature. I'd love to find
out more
> about it. Was it ever advertised or written about
in "80
> Micro"?

It may have been. I lost all my 80-Micro Magazines

I seem to remember it being reviewed at least once.

> I find that some of the old games on the TRS-80 are
more fun
> than games I see on today's consoles and PCs. There
was more
> emphasis on gameplay back then.

I know..

My sister and I used to play "Galaxy Invasion" for

I also miss all the Star Trek like games, like Time
Trek, Super Star Trek and Star Trek 3.5.

It's amazing that NOBODY has written a Star Trek Game
for current computers that let's you just explore the
Galaxy, fight Klingons if you like, but just have

EGA Trek on PC's was cool. Shame he never continued
developing that...

As for the Trash Compactor Info...

Someday as I go through old boxes of stuff I might
find it. I'd be surprised to find I threw it out...

It must be buried in the bottom of a box somewhere..

That, and information on the "Hydra" board. I think I
have one. Which is an ISA Board that Emulates a
MacPlus on a PC using an EGA Monitor for output.

I bought this card that someone told me was a Hydra
Board, but he had no software or manuals for it.

Maybe someday I'll get it to work.


> --
> Eric Dittman

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