Switcher PS temperature...

From: Bill Sudbrink <wh.sudbrink_at_verizon.net>
Date: Fri Jan 14 13:29:39 2005

> > It's rated for 8 amps with no significant airflow (if I
> > understand the specs correctly) so, I'm not even pushing
> > it to its limit. Anyway, after about 10 minutes of
> > operation with the case open and the new PS sitting off
> > to one side (clear all around), the two heat sinks are too
> > hot to touch. Is that normal operation for this kind of
> > supply? Maybe I got a bad one from WeirdStuff? Or
> > could this be some additional clue as to something wrong
> > somewhere else in the computer? According to my meter,
> > the voltage is spot on 5 volts and the current is 7.2 amps.
> > Any suggestions appreciated.
> There is something else seriously wrong in my estimation. There is no
> reason a computer of that size should be drawing more than a few amps.

Well, among other things, it is pushing 48K of 2114 static ram.
A few odd chips are low power, but most are not. The video is
almost exclusively built from 74 series chips, again no low power
versions. I've thought about trying to locate a large quantity
of the low power CMOS 2114s... any ideas for a source?

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