The Little Garden / TLGnet Inc.

From: Al Kossow <>
Date: Fri Jan 14 18:33:21 2005

 Some how, I am missing the context of the "The Little Garden / TLGnet Inc."
messages. What the heck is all this about

"The Little Garden" was one of the earliest ISPs on the mid-peninsula. There
were a few others, like meernet, who are still around.
I have been told it was named for a the resturant by the same name. Tom could
probably give more details. 
This was around the same time that moved from Apple to General Magic
then later to what became WebTV. Spies was also the home of When
what became was just starting, he asked Andy to put the auction service
on spies. Andy didn't want to, so he used a domain he had for the 'east bay'.
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