Data recovery on Toshiba T3100 laptop

From: Andy Holt <>
Date: Sat Jan 15 03:15:58 2005

> Has anyone heard of an Ashton-Tate program called FrameWorks? If and
> when I get the data off, I will need to convert this to a newer format -
> what is it? Text processing? Database?

This will be Framework - probably Framework II or III (there was a Framework
IV, but that style of program was essentially obsoleted by the improving
Windows applications).

FW was A-Ts "all-in-one" database/WP/spreadsheet and a very nice program to
It's a pity that none of the Windows office applications had such an visible
"frames that contain either data or other frames" metaphor.
There are downloadable import filters for FW files for MS office that should
still be hiding somewhere on Microsoft's site. If truly desperate you can
take advantage of the fact that the .FW2/.FW3 files are mostly text and use
a good text editor to recover things.

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