Data recovery on Toshiba T3100 laptop

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Date: Fri Jan 14 20:14:06 2005

> Hello, cctech!
> I recently recieved a call from a friend of a friend regarding a laptop
> that has come into her posession after a coworker of her died. She was
> doing some sort of environmental research, and all her work is stored on
> this computer.
> I tried taking the path of turning it on and just doing a copy that way.
> No such luck - the plasma display has a garbled and not stable display -
> text is garbled to the point that I can't read it, and it basically
> looks like it's about to go straight to hell. It does boot from harddisk
> - I feared that the plasma might be sensitive to power variations or
> something like that, and thus tried getting the machine apart.
> After struggling to get the harddrive in sight (the braindead (%(/%
> &(/?/&%# engineers at Toshiba made the screen cable plug


You need to locate another working 3100 and put the hd in it and
transfer contents to more modern computer via parallel cable file
transfer utility (like laplink)

3100 is very old laptop (very heavy) and best to be upgraded to newer
notebook and always back up data.

That hd itself is also high failure rate. Very careful with it and
as you have discovered it's non-standard hd too!


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