Reading Atari 800 floppies?

From: Martin Scott Goldberg <>
Date: Sat Jan 15 11:23:03 2005

>Anybody know if it's possible to read old Atari 8-bit 5.25" floppies
>with some sort of PC-based software?
>I used to develop software for the Ataris and some co-workers just
>dredged up some floppies with source code from projects I did for Atari
>that were never released. We're trying to dig up a functional 800
>system to read them but it would save a lot of hassle if it was possible
>to read them directly into a PC, where we have a good emulator.

Hi Tom, I'm assuming you want to pull the data off the disks? There's
two options, the SIO2PC and the 10502PC. The SIO2PC is a SIO->PC Serial
interface that lets you hook up an Atari 8 bit, as well as chained drives
to a PC. the 10502PC lets you just hook up a floppy drive to your PC.

You can buy already made SIOTOPC kits here:
and here (including the required software):

AtariMax also sells the 10502PC setup (refered to as ProSystem).

Hope that help.


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