Linux and growth of Internet

From: Pete Turnbull <>
Date: Sun Jan 16 05:56:19 2005

On Jan 16 2005, 9:14, Stan Barr wrote:
> Hi,
> Cameron Kaiser said:
> > > Remember the joys of TCP/IP on MS-DOS in the late 1980s?
> >
> > Remember it? I live it. The 486 DOS laptop besides me took several
days to
> > piece everything together. It runs a 3Com packet driver on top of
> > crufted together Card/Socket Services TSRs, and then NCSA Telnet
and FTP
> > have their own TCP stacks that will talk to it. So does Arachne, it
> I've just been doing much the same thing so I can ftp stuff over to
> headless 486 that thinks it's a PDP-11 - old NE2000 card, Crwnyr(sp?)
> driver and NCSA telnet/ftp.

I built a similar setup a few months ago, but I used the Microsoft
TCP/IP stuff on top of DOS 6.22. It was easy to set up, and now I have
telnet, FTP, ICMP (some stacks don't support that), and the whole thing
uses DHCP and mounts drives from my Samba server.

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