another way to look for old stuff on the 'net

From: Brian Mahoney <>
Date: Sun Jan 16 09:41:39 2005

There was a discussion here in the latter part of December about old
sites on the web, someone asked about whether anyone had saved an old
Google page. Anyway, here's a link to a site that has a massive
archive of old web pages, they say they have 100 terabytes of material
with 10 billion web pages saved :

Some of you will know about the site but others may not. I've done
searches for the Apple site (now that I'm really into macs) as well as
IBM and both Ebay and Google. The Ebay pages that come up still have
all of the listings on them but when you try to click any individual
link, you get a 'delisted' page. But the listings are still
interesting. The Apple site dates back to when OS 8.6 was the cutting
edge. Doesn't seem to be anything before 1996 but then there wasn't a
whole lot out there before that anyway.

Point of all this is that if you had an old site saved as a favorite,
an owner's manual site for instance, you should be able to put in the
url and get an archived copy of the old site. I know people who have
been able to recoved lost/hijacked sites using this url and I hope
some of you find it interesting. If something has disappeared on the
modern web, it might still be at this site in the archives.

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