Slightly OT: tips for fabricating with plexiglass?

From: Computer Collector Newsletter <>
Date: Sun Jan 16 11:29:00 2005

Thanks to all for the good advice.

I don't own a drill press, and I'm not certain about which type of plastic it
is (lexan, plexi, etc.) -- I used the term 'plexiglass' generically -- and I'm
storing it at my father's house so it is not handy for me to check right now.

Avoiding fabrication during the cold weather will also be tough, as his
workbench is in the garage, and it's very cold here in New Jersey (there is no
space to work on projects like this here in my tiny apartment). Maybe I'll
plug in a space heater in his garage before I start drilling and such.

When the project is finished (hopefully in a couple of weeks) I will post a
note about it here, photos on my web site, etc.


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