Desktops then and now (book review)

From: Lawrence Wilkinson <>
Date: Sun Jan 16 12:36:37 2005

A more 'coffee table' type of book is the Taschen one:

Lots of nice photos of mainframes, minis, micros, but concentrates on
the 'design' (i.e. their appearance). It has a few basic errors but the
photos make up for it. In particular, the only time I have ever seen a
fashion model posing with an IBM mainframe (and a 360/30 at that):

(Don't get too excited Sellam)

On Sun, 2005-01-16 at 17:06, Arlen Michaels wrote:
> There's a brief review of "Digital Retro: The Evolution and Design of the
> Personal Computer" by the British author Gordon Laing (Sybex, 2004) here:
(review snipped)
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