Data recovery on Toshiba T3100 laptop

From: Steven Canning <>
Date: Sun Jan 16 13:51:33 2005


I agree with the guys that you need to not boot that machine anymore as it
could screw up the remaining data on the hard drive. I would remove the hard
drive and put in into a known good PC as a Secondary Master or Slave. If the
laptop drive has 22 pins across ( for a total of 44 pins for top and
bottom ) then you can get an adapter to plug it into a standard IDE cable
and it also provides the proper power connector for standard PC power. If
you can't find an adapter, Email me and I'll mail you one ( they are dirt
cheap at computer swap meets ). Then just transfer the whole drive's
contents ( can't be very much ) into a folder on the PC ( you could copy and
paste the whole drive ) and then chuck the laptop and the old drive. This
would be the fastest, most safe and least hassle solution.

Regards, Steven C
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