4 floppy disk drives on a PC?

From: Fred Cisin <cisin_at_xenosoft.com>
Date: Sun Jan 16 17:20:10 2005

On Sun, 16 Jan 2005, Vintage Computer Festival wrote:
> I'd like to make a box with four floppy types: 5.25" 360 and 1.2, and
> 3.5" 720 and 1.44. I seem to recall someone here did this.

Sure. That was close to the "standard" configuration at my office.
My early (16K base) 5150 had 2 360s, a 5.25 720, a 3.5 720, and an 8" (on
a separate controller)
One of the XTs had 2 360s and a 720.
One of my ATs had a 360, a 1.2, and 2 1.4s
Another had a 360, a 1.2, a 1.4, a 2.8 (on parallel port), and a floptical
ALL of the machines in that office had more than 2 floppies.
I think that Monte ended up with most of that hardware; I don't know
whether he would be able to locate it, or how much survived when the
school dumpstered his collection.

> I imagine I can use the integrated floppy controller and then add another
> board to provide the additional controller.
> I'll check the DOS manual to see if it says anything as Nico indicates.

DEVICE = DRIVER.SYS /D:physical-drive-number /F:drive-type (0=360,
1=1.2, 2=720, 7?=1.4)

If you are using an XT with 4 floppy support,
DRIVPARM can be used to override the configuration of a drive, but NOT
with the IBM BIOS!

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