4 floppy disk drives on a PC?

From: Innfogra_at_aol.com <(Innfogra_at_aol.com)>
Date: Sun Jan 16 19:59:05 2005

Western Digital made a 4 floppy controller for this. It is the 1002A-FOX
F002 / 004 according to my 1996 CSC Hard Drive Bible.
They say: F002 controls 4 floppys only. F004 has a BIOS on card which
permits installation of 1.2 and 1.44 MB drives in XT machines that normally only
support 360K or 720K drives.
A note at the bottom: Uses WS-37C65 cchip, works well in 286/386 machines.
You might look for one of those.
Astoria, OR
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