Mac 128, was Re: Desktops then and now (book review)

From: Mike van Bokhoven <>
Date: Sun Jan 16 23:21:02 2005

> > The hardware we assembled at Bletchley was in pretty good condition, but
> > still not without years worth of general handling wear. Considering
> > that, the photographers and graphics team did a pretty good job from
> > what I've seen of the book photos.
> I heard they did have to cheat, of a sort, on some of the rarer models
> no pristine example was at their disposal. I think the original Mac 128K
> one of those, but I haven't seen the book yet.

Are these really that rare? I have a very nice one, as-new, with original
carry bag, printer, external floppy, manuals, etc, but didn't think it was
overly rare. I'll be happy enough if I'm wrong...

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