Linux and an old IBM PS/2 8570

From: Dr. Ido <>
Date: Mon Jan 17 04:18:47 2005

At 08:16 AM 1/16/05 -0500, you wrote:
>I recently got an old IBM PS/2 8570 (as mentioned to some earlier). Been
>thinking about putting Linux on it as the original owner put some company
>proprietary software on it for some unknown network monitoring via
>proprietary hardware (that has since been removed before I came into
>possession). The big thing is that it doesn't want to boot from SCSI. I
>have 4 cards and the adf disks for them. 1 is an IBM (supposedly Corvette)
>controller. 2 are Adaptec 1640's (different year manufacture and slightly
>different layout/revision). The final one is a Storage Dimensions 3211B
>(technically a compatible, yet rarer C/D). The other thing is that I've
>been told it has some sort of special boot partition on the 60MB ESDI
>drive. The SCSI drives I'm trying to use are all 1 and 2.2GB Seagates with

What ID are the drives you are trying to boot from set to? I seem to
recall that some PS/2s want the HDD set to ID 6 before they will boot off
it. They could also be fussy about other settings depending on the drives.
 I have used Seagate SCSI drives in PS/2s before, but they were <=500MB and
other than the ID 6 thing I can't remember the details.
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