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From: 9000 VAX <vax9000_at_gmail.com>
Date: Mon Jan 17 07:48:59 2005

I am interested in the "box full of PC leftovers" for the SCSI cable,
SCSI disk and rails, especially. Please let me know shipping cost of
the box to Cleveland, 44120. Thanks.

vax, 9000

On Mon, 17 Jan 2005 05:56:14 -0500, GManuel (GMC)
<gmanuel_at_gmconsulting.net> wrote:
> I would be interested in the Commodore 128 group and/or the Zip Drive group.
> Can you please tell me what shipping would be to the 19074 zipcode. You can
> email me direct at gmanuel at gmconsulting dot net. Thank you in advance for
> your time.
> Greg Manuel
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> Hey all,
> Free, plus shipping. I have everything split into 5 groups. I don't
> want to split the groups up, as I don't want to be sending out 100 boxs
> in 100 different directions.
> -Commodore 128, good shape cosmetically, all cords, power supply etc,
> original box, but doesn't work. It would freeze up on me, and I lost
> interest.
> -Zip100 for PC's (parallel port), new---I opened it, but I can't get it
> to work on either of my machines. It may very well be fine, since I
> can't get a Micro Solutions to work on my machines either.
> -a box full of PC leftovers, a pair of earlier Pentium class chips, slot
> covers, bay covers, centronics scsi cables, internal 50 pin scsi cables,
> floppy cables, several fans, a small scsi drive, a small ide drive,
> Hayes Accura 336 modem, drive rails, blah blah blah.....
> -IBM AT motherboard, serial card, 8/16 bit VGA card, Adaptec 1542B scsi
> card, 8-bit ISA MFM ST11R HD controller, Unisys Personal Workstation 2
> Multiple Port Board with splitter cable drivers and instructions.
> -USR Courier V Everything (older one), doesn't seem to work, but has
> instructions, power supply, and good shape cosmetically..... maybe you
> need a PS to fix one, or make it look better?
> Chad Fernandez
> Michigan, USA
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