DEC Consultant's Reference Guide

From: Steven M Jones <>
Date: Mon Jan 17 18:03:00 2005

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Way back in September, Dan Veeneman wrote:

> At a recent hamfest I picked up two volumes of
> Digital Equipment Corporation's Consultant's Reference
> Guide.

> Does anyone have a full set of these?

I might. I picked up a lot of them along with RT-11 docs
when I picked up a VT103 and DSD disk/tape box many years
ago. However some of the manuals fell victim to a large
basement flood a few years back - over 15" of water in
that section, when we got about 5" in 5 hours early one
March. Frozen ground doesn't absorb much water, and I had
*just* moved the home datacenter down there after watching
for flooding for a couple years. Figures. Haven't had any
flooding to speak of before or since.

I haven't gone through them since the crisis, and I'm
sorry to say some may have molded up so bad before I
could deal with them that they may have been pitched.

I'm gearing up for a cross-continent move, so don't look
for any news on this other than an inventory of what's
left as it gets packed.

There was a bunch more stuff, going from memory, than
the company history. In particular it included system
configurations from the period in question. I recall
seeing the first generation of VAXen, pdp-11s, and a
number of DECSYSTEMs in there, along with software and

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