Strange RK03 / RK05 clone with Plessey-controller

From: Pierre Gebhardt <>
Date: Tue Jan 18 10:40:11 2005

Hello everybody,

just saved a disk drive with a PDP 11/23 from being trashed.
Unfortunately, someone came before me and took out several parts of this beastie.
The most interesting thing: A Cipher disk drive Model: SF-1221 with a Plessey controller PN: 703340-101J.
A 50pin cable goes to some sort of Plessey converter, another 50pin cable from the converter to the cipher drive.

The drive needs to be cleaned.
On the front panel, a little plate is missing which may have housed some buttons...
Moreover, I found a disk pack which goes with the drive: DEC 2200 BPI-12
Is this a RK03 or RK05 pack ?

Concerning the drive and the controller: Google turned out NOTHING.

Who can give me little help identifying these peripherals ?

Thanks alot !


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