DOS feature on formatting disk

From: Dwight K. Elvey <>
Date: Tue Jan 18 15:05:44 2005

>From: "Dave Dunfield" <>
>>I once came across some program on the WWW that supposedly rehabilitates
>>such disks (most likely by doing an LLF on track 0) but unfortunately I
>>never bookmarked it.
>When I was selling my software on diskette, I wrote my own tools for diskette
>duplication, using a Victory autoloader - I also boiled-down the core functions
>into a one-at-a-time disk command line duplicator that works with standard
>floppy drives called XDISK.
>Like most disk-to-file copiers it will read a complete image of the floppy
>track by track into a disk file - unlike most file-to-disk copiers, it
>will low-level format, write, and verify each track in a single pass as it
>writes the file back to a disk. It does not care *WHAT* is previously on the
>disk, as the first command it issues on each track is "format track".
>This can be used to restore disks that DOS refuses to format due to problems
>in track-0 (just write out a blank floppy image) - I can send it to you if
>you like (runs under any version of DOS).
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 My only issue there is that I'm never sure how big to make
the various gaps.
 Anyway, the strong magnet works, it is just a hassle.
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