Seiko RC-1000 wrist terminal software req?

From: Stuart Anderson <>
Date: Mon Jan 17 16:49:18 2005

Fred and Dave,
I found this thread via an internet search. Did either of you find a copy of
the IBM/MS-DOS software for the Seiko RC-1000 wrist terminal? I'm trying to
revive mine but my computer can't read the floppy (I have a good 5.25 disk
drive, the computer just can't read that particular disk.)
Stuart Anderson
Madison, Alabama, USA
On Mon, 13 Oct 2003, Dave Mitton wrote:
> Does anyone have a copy of the host system software for the circa 1984
> Seiko RC-1000 watch terminal?
> I thought I had a copy that ran on DOS as a character mode app, but I
> cannot find the original diskette. The original PC I used is long gone.
I *used* to have one of those (actually, just threw out my
broken watch a couple of weeks ago) but I do seem to remember
I still have the box... that might still have the cable and
the floppies. Will look for ya :)
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