VAX 6000-420 Available

From: Owen Robertson <>
Date: Tue Jan 18 01:08:13 2005

Hello, world. Used to post here in another life when I was more actively collecting DEC equipment. Thought this would be a good place to start with this:

I have a VAX 6000-420 with SF200 rack available for pick-up in Rhome, Texas (20-some miles north of Fort Worth). Acquired it a few years back and haven't done anything with it, so I figure I should pass it on to someone who has an interest in it.

The system is in decent physical shape, some of the metal inside the SF200 rack has been bent a little, and if I remember correctly, one or two of the fingers in one of the card cages is broken. It has been stored in my father's house for the last couple of years.

I have never powered it on, so I cannot tell you if it is in working condition or not. If anyone is interested, I can post pictures to my personal website.

I would like to get rid of it, and I am sure my father would as well! There is no immediate hurry, however the sooner the better, I suppose.

As for what I want for it, I'm not picky. DEC (especially PDP-11) stuff, SGI or Sun (especially SGI) equipment, or any old/odd/obscure workstation type equipment would be very nice. Older SGI IRIS stuff is high on my wish list, and my brother has been desperately searching for a PERQ workstation as of late.

Anyway, if anyone is interested at all, email me personally and we can work something out.


Owen Robertson
Received on Tue Jan 18 2005 - 01:08:13 GMT

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