DOS feature on formatting disk

From: chris <>
Date: Tue Jan 18 15:47:41 2005

>I know. It's another one of those stupid things that MS did with DOS that
>makes absolutely no sense. Just format the damn disk and report any
>errors for the USER to decide.
>I once came across some program on the WWW that supposedly rehabilitates
>such disks (most likely by doing an LLF on track 0) but unfortunately I
>never bookmarked it.

I used to run into this all the time. When you format a floppy for the
Mac, DOS will then report the Track 0 error and refuse to reformat it. I
always just formatted the disk for DOS on my Mac to get around the
problem (and then got really irked when I was told "The mac is not
compatible with anything else"... REALLY, not only can I read/write PC
disks, but I could read/write all the PC users files long before any of
them had tools to deal with Mac files!)

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