no more UPS!

From: Lyle Bickley <>
Date: Tue Jan 18 18:41:17 2005

Use FedEx. My company often finds they are cheaper than UPS.


On Tuesday 18 January 2005 16:29, Jay West wrote:
> I'm boycotting UPS. I walked out of there about foaming at the mouth.
> I went there to ship a vintage cpu, and the gentleman behind the counter
> took one look at my box and said "that box is in bad condition", followed
> by "At UPS, we don't want to deliver any packages that don't look good",
> and finally "we can't have the box falling apart and it's contents coming
> out".
> I asked him to please take a closer look at the box I was shipping. True,
> the outside had many shipping labels that had been pulled off. But I
> explained to him it was a custom made US military shipping carton. The
> walls are almost 1/2 thick cardboard with 6 inches of foam form fitting
> around the cpu. There were no creases in the cardboard anywhere, and no
> sunken surfaces. This box was far sturdier than any box in the place. He
> told me my only choice was to take the package to The UPS Store and have
> them rebox it.
> I think they are just trying to push business to their UPS Store fronts.
> This box was extremely sturdy.
> So... I'm boycotting UPS and just needed to vent :)
> Jay

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