no more UPS!

From: chris <>
Date: Wed Jan 19 08:50:17 2005

>> UPS's response... "Oh, well, if we can't find them in the system, then we
>> can't track them. Are you sure you shipped them?" Upside... at least they
>> never tried to charge me for the missing packs.
>So why did you walk off without tracking numbers?!

I had tracking numbers. These were all packages created with the UPS
shipping software in my office (software UPS provides to you free if you
ask for it). I then walked the packs a few doors down and dropped them
off at the UPS Drop Box in front of the local printing place. Something I
had done many times in the past without issue.

I gave them tracking numbers for the packages, and they said they had no
record of those numbers in the system at all. An online tracking yielded
the same results (so at least the rep wasn't lying to me).

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