DOS feature on formatting disk

From: Paul Koning <>
Date: Wed Jan 19 10:22:31 2005

>>>>> "John" == John Foust <> writes:

 John> At 03:20 PM 1/18/2005, Fred Cisin wrote:
>> In their more recent operating systems, they are also completely
>> unclear on the concept of "floppy boot". If one of the system
>> files ON THE HARD DISK is bad, it CAN NOT be booted. What else
>> can I boot an NT machine with that can read and write an NTFS
>> partition?

 John> Any one of the Linux-based boot CDs that handle NTFS? Or the
 John> Sysinternals tools that handle NTFS? Or a second machine that
 John> can still read the hard disk, if you transplant it?

Linux NTFS has an "experimental" read/write capability for NTFS, but
that only works with NTFS V4 -- with WinNT. It doesn't handle the
Win2k or later flavors of NTFS. Or at least, it didn't last I looked
(which I think was Fedora 1).

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