DOS feature on formatting disk

From: Dwight K. Elvey <>
Date: Wed Jan 19 11:15:38 2005

>> Hi Gordon
>> There are a number of possibles but the track 0 sensor
>> doesn't effect the incremental stepping mechanism used
>> in these drives. There is no way that it can be off without
>> being completely off and head over the wrong track.
>If the head isn't sliding all the way back to the home position it can be
>far enough back to close the track 0 sensor *but* still be about half a
>track too far in. This is how I have repaired about a dozen 720k drives
>in old samplers.

Hi Gordon and Bj??rn
 I understand what you are saying but this is not
the issue here. The bad drive is occasionally messing
up ALL tracks, not just track0. When I take the
disk to another drive to reformat, because the track0
is partially readable, it refuses to format. It will
not format at all until the track0 is erased. If it
were just track0 that was the issue, I'd have looked
at problems of getting the track0 stop and sensing
switch adjusted.
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