RK05J vs RK05F

From: Tom Uban <uban_at_ubanproductions.com>
Date: Wed Jan 19 11:56:10 2005


The removable pack is the same for both drives.
The additional data capacity comes from the fact
that the pack is not removed and as such the
alignment is not lost. If I recall correctly,
this allow the drive to double the track density.


At 12:45 PM 1/19/2005 -0500, Ashley Carder wrote:

>Is there any difference in the cartridges for
>an RK05F drive vs. an RK05J (or plain RK05)?
>I just acquired an RK05F and am getting ready
>to hook it up to my system along with my RK05J
>drives so I can test it out. I know the pack
>holds twice as much data as the RK05/RK05J, but
>is there any physical difference in the packs?
>I suppose I'll have to reconfigure my existing
>RK05J drives so that the RK05F is either drives
>0/1 or 2/3 (or 4/5).
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