Windows crashing, was Re: Bill Gates: Teen Heart-throb!

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Date: Wed Jan 19 15:23:19 2005

I'm only speaking for the desktop client.

--- chris <> wrote:

> >I'm no Microsoft fan by any means. But most of the "Windows sucks" claims
> >are
> >just obsolete and irrational.
> Nah, they just moved the suckyness elsewhere ;-p
> (sorry, I just wasted the day trying to get Win2k Server and MS Office to
> do a freaking Mail Merge to Fax... something that Win98 does with ease,
> albeit with Win98's level of stability... and I still don't have it
> working exactly right... it will now fax merge, alas it displays a
> security warning for each and every fax that I have to click "YES" to
> allow the fax... and I can't just sit hammering the return key, as there
> is a 5 second delay between when it displays the warning, and when it
> enables the Yes button... real helpful when I'm trying to automate
> hundreds of faxes!!!).
> -chris
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