Troubleshooting an IBM 5155 - (portable personal computer)

From: Tony Duell <>
Date: Wed Jan 19 17:42:12 2005

> > Yo uhad a 555? I managed (then) without a 'scope at all. Now my 555 is
> > alongside me with a good selection of plug-ins. I don't use it all that
> > much -- I find a logic analyser to be a more useful instrument, but anyway.
> Oh! No, I did it at work! It wasn't a 555, it was a 564, the
> storage job. Sorry for the confusion doubled. I do own a 564 now,
> since they are umm let's say heavily discounted today.

I also have a 564 somewhere. Problem is, the only plug-ins I have for it
are the sampler and its associated timebase. And I don't hae any of the
sampling heads for it. Still, it was free, and it's a Tekky ;-)

> > Yuck! I'd not want a computer I couldn't easily pull apart, and I'd not
> > want one without proper expansion (not Useless Serial Botch). Heck, I've
> > even played about with the processor bus in HP handheld calculators...
> My laptop is purely a software machine. In fact, it's purely a
> *text* machine; I run freeBSD, everything stored as ASCII, perl

It can't be as purely text as this machine (it has an MDA card for the
display so it _can't_ display graphics...)

> scripts to drive anything complex. Portable from machine to
> machine. I have things that are purely hardware too.
> > The stuff I want is rarely built in, because no sane person would want it...
> Sane people? Who needs them? From them we get malls, fast food
> insurance forms, and warfare.

Oh, I certainly agree with you there :-)

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