OT: Re: Creating an NTFS Boot disk (was Re: DOS feature on formatting disk)

From: Dan Williams <williams.dan_at_gmail.com>
Date: Thu Jan 20 06:44:31 2005

> NOBODY has mentioned ANY third party utilities that will WRITE an NTFS
> partition. NTFSDOS PRO will, but it is very expensive (the free one is
> read-only)
> Booting an alternate OS (Knoppix?) looks like the most promising.
> Or removing the drive and installing it as second drive in a functional
> machine.
> > BTW, I located this KB article after someone I know thought he would be good
> > and clean up his root folder by moving "unnecessary" files -- including
> > ntldr -- to other folders. Next time he rebooted: surprise! no boot.
> Their "boot disk" seems to work if files are MISSING, but not if they are
> present (damaged)
> I think that if I could ERASE the bad file, then I could boot and fix it.
Another option would be the bart pe


If you have a windows xp cd, this will give you xp that runs from a
cd. Also good to have in your toolbox.

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