help needed with configuration KDF11-A, DLV11-J (PDP 11/23)

From: Pierre Gebhardt <>
Date: Fri Jan 21 05:04:33 2005

Hi everybody,

Currently, I'm trying to set up a 11/23 in a BA23 box with a H9278 backplane.
Unfortunately, no information can be found on the jumper configuration for the KDF11-A (M8186).
The most important question: Does this CPU-Board provide bus termination like the KDJ11 boards ?
I plugged in some resistor packs on the dedicated sockets of the H9278 to provide termination, but nothing can be seen on the terminal (9600, 8N1).
I'm aware of the QQ/CD configuration for the first 3 slots.
The SLU-Card is a SIGMA DLV11-J clone (SDC-DLV11J). Not knowing, which of the 4 SLUs provides the console interface lead me to check out the 4 ports on my terminal, unfortunaltey without any success.
The jumper settings on the KDF11-A look like this:

| |
| |
| | | These two upper ones are closed
| |
| __ |
| |
| __1
| | | This is a jumper block of 10 jumpers. The 9th one is open.
| | | The other ones are all closed.
| | |
| --- 10
| |----| |
----------- -----------

It's a bit strange, that the jumpers do not have any numbers like W1, W2 etc.
 That's the reason for this drawing.

Like the KDF11-A Board, no information on the internet for the SDC-DLV11J either.
Jumper W1,W2,W3,W4 are open.
There are 6 dip switches.
On SW1, jumper 7 is closed, the rest is open, the same for SW2,SW3.
SW4: jumper 6 is closed, SW5: 4,7,8 are closed, SW6: 1,5,8 are closed, the rest is open.

Can anybody give me any hints on this configuration ?
Is the backplane termination required ?

Thanks alot in advance !


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