Windows crashing, was Re: Bill Gates: Teen Heart-throb!

From: Joe R. <>
Date: Fri Jan 21 09:26:39 2005

At 10:25 PM 1/20/05 -0600, you wrote:
>At 07:32 PM 1/19/2005, Joe R. wrote:
>> FYI I use Windows EVERYDAY and I just wasted 1/2 day yesterday trying to
>>get MS Backup to work. Backup hasn't worked since BEFORE Windows was
>>released. AFIK it has NEVER worked in Windows. That's just ONE example of
>>continuing problems with MS products!
>And in what way wasn't it working?

   The DOS version of RESTORE (which is the ONLY thing that will restore
data from a BACKUP) was notorious for trashing hard drives. I only tried it
a couple of times and it did trash every HD that I tried it on.

   As I already stated, this version simply never did anything. Even after
I told it to back up ONE file and left it for over an hour it was still
beating on my HD and SCSI tape but never copied the file.

 They've all had their bugs, but
>most of the explications and some of the work-arounds are out there...

   What's that? Buy a third party program?

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