Qty. 20 to 30 ... 486 DX2-66 VLB Motherboards needed in the Netherlands

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Date: Fri Jan 21 09:57:34 2005


Does anyone in Europe, preferably Netherlands, want to get together 20 to 30
motherboards 486DX2-66, Intel ( or possibly AMD ) with at least 2 VLB slots for
Amplicon Benelux in the Netherlands. They preferred they all be the same mfg
and model and new or NOS to boot. I think they will have to settle for used and
mixed variety. I see plenty in Germany, but it seems almost no one in Germany
uses PayPal, and it seems like it just couldn't be cost effective to have them
shipped to the US and then back to Europe again. I think they should be
ones that
use a replaceable lithium coin cell in a holder because any NiCads from
that era
probably wouldn't hold a charge very well any more, and Dallas type devices
be at the end of their service life, and if soldered on, too much trouble
and significantly
expensive to change out. I'm pretty sure they would want them tested and
with some
kind of guarantee, though that may have to be accomplished by buying some
beyond the quantity they are asking for. I don't know what their budget is
for this, but
I did think that they needed to make it enough to motivate anyone to get
involved with
it, else it looked like a "do it yourself" type project. If anyone in the
Netherlands or
Germany, that can accept Paypal, can do this, let me know. Respond to ...


as I won't be able to locate any response on the classiccmp.org mail list.

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